The WHOW project is launched!

Women Home Working (WHOW) project was held in Nice (France), at the premises of GIP FIPAN, the project coordinator, in the presence of all the other partners: Exeo Lab (Italy), Dramblys (Spain), Synthesis (Cyprus) and RightChallenge (Portugal).

This meeting was an opportunity for the partners to meet for the first time, to take stock of the project’s objectives and the activities planned for the 26 months (from December 2022 to January 2025). The activities in the programme are designed to offer support and tools to young mothers aged between 14 and 25 who have left education, training or work because of their pregnancy. Through training sessions in digital and office automation tools and coaching, a job-shadowing event and e-CV preparation, the aim is to help them re-enter the world of training or work, by improving their self-confidence.

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