Project Results

The cartography of the situation of young girls

Carried out first, between January and July 2023, this activity enabled a documentary study of the situation of the target audience in each of the partner countries. In addition, a questionnaire was distributed to the target audience in order to complete the analysis of their needs and better adapt the planned activities.

Coaching, Soft Skills and Integration

This coaching course has been designed to help young mothers achieve their career goals while improving their self-confidence and enhancing their parenting skills. To find out more about the coaching content, click here.

Training “Discovering and mastering digital tools for sustainable integration”

The aim of this training is to enable young mothers to acquire the digital and office skills and knowledge they need to (re)enter employment or training, or to start a business, both face-to-face and, above all, remotely. To find out more about the training course content, click here

E-learning modules

Training in digital and office tools has also been adapted in the form of e-learning modules, enabling young mums to revise the content covered in training so that they can consolidate their skills even after the project is over. To find out more about the e-learning modules, click here

E-CV Soft Skills Application

Stay tuned for more project results!