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Today, despite the fact that more and more women have unrestricted
access to education and employment opportunities, some sections of the
population remain disadvantaged. Thus, women from certain social groups
still experience great inequality. Teenage mothers, especially, are
susceptible to social exclusion. Young mothers cannot always earn enough
to support their families financially. Thus, they become victims of their
social status and maternal obligations. What they lack is economic and
professional independence.
Lack of training, skills, work experience or low availability, impaired health
and mental state. All these and many other factors can act as barriers to
completing studies and entering the labour market. The mismatch between
the potential of young mothers and their skills is what the “WHOW” project
aims to address.

What we do

Women Home Working (“WHOW”) is an Erasmus + project, co-funded by the European Union, for young women to help them to enter the labour market after pregnancy and motherhood. It is especially aimed at teenage mothers (aged 14-25) who have had to interrupt their educational and/or career path. WHOW is a 26-month project (from December 2022 to January 2025) with a virtual platform and educational tools for young women wishing to return to the labour market or training.

WHOW increases the possibilities of professional opportunities for young women through training in digital tools, a coaching session and comprehensive support. During the courses, the women not only acquire professional skills and knowledge, but also improve their self-confidence and self-esteem. The most important thing about this project is that they can take part while respecting their obligations as mothers, as they can attend with their children.

The main objective is to help young mothers who find it difficult to re-enter the labour market due to new obligations. In addition to young mothers, this project is aimed at all those likely to be interested in this support, regardless of their age, personal situation or status.

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